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Thrive with AbleSys During the Market Turmoil

The evil of too much information Today stock futures went down at the premarket as investors look toward the release of jobless claims that could jump into the millions amid the coronavirus pandemic; the Senate passes a $2 trillion stimulus package; coronavirus deaths in the U.S. pass 1000. There are so much to consider, which […]

Thrive with AbleSys in the Volatile Market

Recent volatility gave great opportunities for E-mini day traders using AbleTrend. Here are two recent charts with AbleTrend Guidance Chart. AbleTrend Guidance Chart Rules for Buy Position: 1. Small blue dots below the bar are TS daily support levels; 2. Blue X below the bars are weekly support levels; 3. Buy when you see large blue dot, blue X and blue bar; […]

Extreme Swing, Extreme Ways

In the last two days, the stock markets are panic, the Dow dropped 2000 points, then bounced back 1000 points, and plunge 1500 points again… Under such extreme market swing conditions, how do you deal and trade? From yesterday, all three major indices were already down 20%, got into a bear market. At this time […]

Recent Trading Signals for E-mini S&P 500

Following is recent ES chart with AbleTrend trading signals, from 2/14 to 3/8/2020.  Specific buy and sell signals with support/resistance points are showed. With this time tested trading strategy, you may follow the market trend, and take advantages of the big selloff. In celebration of AbleSys’ 26 years of excellence in the trading software industry, […]

How to Trade Current Market Trends?

February 19 all three major indices, the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq, all made historical highs. After the following two weeks, they all drooped off near 15%, then this week is a wide swing, the Dow was up 1,300 points in one day, then dropped near 1,000 points next day etc.. Huge profits could be […]