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Exemplifying the Power of Trend Signals

NVDA was once again one of the top gaining NASDAQ stocks today. The stock has been featured in our chart library a number of times in the past weeks, and it demonstrates the benefit of having trend on your side. As the price pulled back in April, through to Mid-May, we could have observed the […]

AbleTrend Multiple Time Frames Specifying an Initial Uptrend for TSLA

How to avoid choppy market is a major concern for traders. AbleTrend weekly and monthly guidance chart provides the best way to prevent choppy market. Following is an example with TSLA. Chart on the right is AbleTrend weekly/monthly guidance chart. Blue Xs are AbleTrend monthly support levels. Market has tested the blue Xs a few […]

Is There Volatility on the Horizon?

Continuing off the theme from the last newsletter, it feels like the market can finally start anew, after Friday’s options expiration. After weeks of compressing volatility, we are cheerfully anticipating the potential of volatility on the horizon. Greater volatility doesn’t just mean price action to the downside. Wider distribution of returns means bigger up moves, […]

Ideal Volatility Breeds Great Trades June 16, 2021

To take advantage of the volatile market you must know how to manage the risk which comes with the volatility. AbleTrend triple confirmation with Blue bar, Blue dot and Blue X can help you to turn volatility into low risk opportunities. Below are today’s E-mini Nasdaq day trading charts with AbleTrend guidance chart signals. Check […]

Thrive with AbleTrend Top Stocks

Discover investment ideas you hadn’t considered before! AbleTrend Signals are simple: Buy on blue, sell on red. Here are today’s super stocks with sweet spot opportunities. Blue Xs indicate a weekly up trend Red Xs indicate a weekly down trend AbleSys signals reveal the market true support levels by blue dot for daily support level […]