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A Follow Up Study of Disney Stock

On August 9 we posted a blog article “Is Now Good Time to Buy Disney Stock?” and commented that although Disney reported quarterly earnings and revenue that beat analysis’s expectations on that Tuesday, after market its price dropped 1.78%. AbleTrend trading software gave a sell signal on January 10, 2016. Following is the current Disney […]

AbleTrend Turns Volatility Into Low Risk Opportunities

Increasing Volatility Provides Ample Opportunities for Traders; Recent market volatility pushes ATR (Average True Range) to 25 versus 15 during choppy periods; To take advantage of the volatile markets you must know how to manage the risk which comes with the volatility; AbleTrend is a time-tested award-winning trading software which can help you to turn […]

Trade Signals for Sugar Futures

No one makes money if the market you trade does not move. An uptrend with momentum delivers opportunity in the market place and yet it comes with volatility and risks. Therefore you need to trade the market with volatility and armed with a reliable device to manage the risk and that’s AbleTrend trading software. Here […]

A taste of Volatility, September 2016

Remember what it was like when the market actually moved?  Yesterday, we look at how just a bit of volatility has made the last few weeks fun again for traders. You’ll see that we would use the same defensive, best practices that we’ve been showing recently, to turn the volatility into opportunity. Whether the future brings […]

Low Risk or No Trade

“Suddenly Trading is Fun Again.” E-mini Nasdaq 100 Guidance Chart, P/L +$1,395/contract E-mini Nasdaq 100 Guidance Chart, P/L +$1,130/contract Take Care of the Risk First in Order to Make Profit While it’s fun to have high volatility during directional days, there are also non-directional days that exhibit high volatility.  That can be a dangerous combination, but […]

How to Avoid Missing Big Moves

It’s painful to let the trend go without being on board. Some traders feel that missing a big move is even more painful than having a losing trade. How to make sure you are in the market when the big moves do come? Discover the powerful signals with the following chart. The chart above is […]

A Recent Comment from an AbleTrend User

Today I would like to share some comments from Jim Martin who successfully trades different markets with AbleTrend for many years. With his permission I have the privilege to share them with you here. “Morning Ron, Just had to share this. Honestly let us never take for granted just how clean and neat and user […]