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GOOGL, DHT Uptrend or Downtrend?

No more guesswork so you do not have to buy or sell stock based on other’s opinions because you now have AbleTrend in hand! AbleTrend blue Xs and red Xs define uptrend and downtrend systematically. Following are today’s charts for GOOGL and DHT: General rules are blue Xs define uptrend and red Xs define downtrend. […]

AMZN TSLA Uptrend or Downtrend

Can you tell if a stock is still in an uptrend after it pulls back or has it reversed to a downtrend? If you can know the difference between the two, your trading results would be greatly improved. AbleTrend blue Xs and red Xs which are support and resistance can help you to distinguish the […]

AbleTrend Defines Trend-Change Signals Specifically

AbleTrend was designed to win in volatile markets. The more volatile the markets become the better signals it generates. The following are two volatile stocks with AbleTrend signals. AbleTrend not only defined trend changes specifically, it provides different levels of protective stop levels. The small blue dots below the bars are 130-minute support levels and […]

AbleTrend Makes Pyramiding Possible

Once AbleTrend defines a trend change from a down trend switching to uptrend, it gives blue Xs which are monthly support levels. Whenever it tests and touches the blue Xs and shows a blue bar or a close up bar, that’s your SSb, the sweet spot for a buying signal to pyramid in the uptrend. […]

Let Time-Tested AbleTrend be Your Guide!

AbleTrend first helps you to time entries at low-risk sweet spots. Then it helps you to manage the risk on the trade, and shows you when to exit. Following are two recent charts with TSLA and AMZN: AbleTrend helps you to sit tight with winners because the blue Xs kept moving up without the price […]