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Stay Protected While Pursuing Big Profits

Always stay protected while pursuing big profits in the market is the key factor for a trader or investor to survive and thrive in the market. AbleTrend’s guidance chart can help you to do just that. Buy on blue and sell on red, AbleTrend’s no trade zones help you to stay away from the choppy […]

Powerful Tool for Cultivating Winning Traders

Four Essential Characters of Traders/Investors The essential characters of traders/investors can be captured in the profit/loss matrix diagrammed as below. Basically, we belong to one of the characters.  Profit/Loss Matrix The two factors that define a character or trader are profit and loss. Quadrant I character tends to take the small profit and run because […]

Setting up S/R Alerts for Sweet Spots

The S/R alert is a function of AbleTrendTS.  A previous post described using the S/R Alert to cue us into sweet spot trade setups.  You can turn it on/off in the format indicators window: Under Format Indicator > Select AbleTrendTS Ensure that Alerts are turned on Under ‘Advanced Settings’ > Check On: ‘S/R Alert On/Off’ Define […]

Buy/Sell Alerts Just Before the Sweet Spots

Wasting time and energy by waiting along in a sideway market isn’t just frustrating, it’s the number one problem that day traders face. Sideways markets and false breakouts can trap traders into losing trades.   This unproductive noise drains resources & traders are often worn out when real opportunities show up. With this message we’ll […]

AbleTrend Trade Signal Results for the Week of October 6

These are common questions that I am most often asked by traders: Is the market behavior random or does it follow certain rules? Is the market completely chaotic or is there a hidden order? Can markets be quantified or predicted using scientific methods? Most economists believe that markets are random, chaotic, and cannot be predicted. […]