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Stocks Open Low Extends Sell Off

Downward pressure was back on the market today. While there are a number explanatory factors, we see it as an extension of the downtrend that we’ve already seen forming, rather than one specific catalyst. The rapid move has brought stocks once again to a key testing level, and so this week should be a very […]

AbleTrend Works the Best in the Volatile Markets

Trading is risky because of the volatility, on the other hand volatility provides opportunities as well. AbleTrend was designed to take advantages of the volatility of the market. Following is today‚Äôs chart of Tesla. How do you wish that someone have told you to buy Tesla stock at SSb1 and SSb2 as shown in the […]

TSLA and AMN Are at Ideal Sweet Spots Today

Have you ever wished that you could have bought the tops stocks at their dips after big moves done and it was too high to buy? You will never have these problems again after you have AbleTrend. Following are the Tesla and AMN Healthcare Services charts right now, today, showing you their ideal sweet spots […]