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Ride on It When Trends Come

Opportunities belong to those who have prepared for it. Only traders could benefit from the market trends when they have been practicing for both trending and choppy markets. AbleTrend is the tool to prepare you for both. Here are two Emini charts of yesterday with AbleTrend Guidance Charts.   The good news is that best […]

Embrace the Volatility of the Markets

Yesterday we saw a nice tradeable bounce in NQ and we had a sharp break in prices Tuesday. It certainly feels like volatility is returning to the markets. The good news is that best practices are designed to handle both market conditions well. In this 6-minute video Ron went through details on how AbleTrend guidance […]

Protect Gains with No Trade Zones

We’ve seen upticks in trading opportunities recently which means that more trade setups have broken out into trends. It is what you do in the time between opportunities that makes for long term success. In this excerpt from last Thursday’s Webinar, Ron walks through a choppy trading session and shows how to stay on the […]

Is This Risk Worth Taking?

Trading is about seeking the potential profits with controlled risks. Before taking a position, you ask these two questions: first, if the uptrend is on its way; second, if the risk is manageable. Following charts with AbleTrend’s showing you both the trend confirmation and support levels with visual signals. As you can see, AbleTrend trading […]

Current Sweet Spots for Your Watch List

If you are interested in buying stocks after a dip with sophisticated risk control, you would like AbleTrend Sweet Spot Entry. Here are a few charts showing the current sweet spot setups. Benefits of Sweet Spot Entry An uptrend is on its way or has established; Price retraces to AbleTrend support levels; Risk is greatly […]

Market Uncertainty Can Be Your Friend

Market uncertainty can be your friend if you are properly armed. AbleTrend Guidance Charts can be a great tool for seeking profit in the stormy markets full of confusing, fear or uncertainty. Here are some of today’s day trading charts with AbleTrend Guidance Chart applied. You can find more day trading charts in our chart […]

Select the Most Lucrative Markets to Trade

Find the trendy markets and follow them relentlessly Some traders are limiting themselves with certain markets, such as “I am a day trader and I am trading E-mini S&P only” or “I am a Forex trader” and so on.   To be specialized with one market may have some advantages however, it may limit your […]

Buy at Dip or Take Profit and Run

When shall you buy at the dip and when shall you take profit and run when the market retraces? In another words, you want to know if the current market drop is a retracement or a down trend has formed that you should exit your position. AbleTrend helps you distinguish between the retracement and reversal. […]