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Swing Trading Concepts in 3 Current Examples

AAPL – Can we score again with the sweet spot? A few weeks ago, Apple had traded up to it’s weekly resistance dots.  Following a nearly 40% decline in Q4 last year, the stock traded up on earnings in January.  This move higher was followed by an extended testing period, where the price action had […]

Were you there for this massive trade?

This morning, stocks sold off heavily, giving back the weekend gains.  Initially, futures opened higher on optimism of a trade deal with China, but that optimism faded in the morning, ostensibly due to economic data. To me, this reads as a manic market reacting irrationally to small bits of news, while the main story is […]

Discover Signals for Today’s NQ day trading Now

Following is AbleTrend Signal Chart for today’s NQ daytrading. As you can see in the above charts, the AbleTrend Guidance Chart combines 2 time frames into 1 chart and helps to filter out false signals. Within one chart it helps traders to detect the market trend with longer time frames (avoiding market noise with shorter […]