Signal Charts for Today’s NQ Day Trading & Hot Stocks

Following is AbleTrend Signal Chart for today’s NQ daytrading: nq1-3

The sell signal comes in to start the afternoon session @7055. It trades down to a low of 7003, over 50 points lower or $1,000/per contract. Ultimately the trade ends @7019 for a 36.5 point gain or $730/contract.

As you can see, the AbleTrend stops trail the price down, helping to secure profit and leaving open the potential for a home run like we had today.

It’s not always this way.   When the price action is choppy or directionless, trading can feel like a struggle. But, when we have a trend, trading the trend signal feels effortless. If you traded this, you may wonder how I can get this feeling more often?

What may not be obvious is about this trade is that it was really part of a larger move, a swing trade.


Todays’ afternoon sell off was really part of a 2 day sell off. The swing trade may have taken days to set up. It was an intraday move where day traders and swing traders converged on a path.

The 1/3 min signal was able to catch the same move, but with greater precision, smaller initial risk, but it will do so with a greater number of attempts.

The swing trade may have started yesterday at 7135.5, with a greater allowance for risk. It may also look for prices to continue down beyond   support @6993. 


Following is the AbleTrend Signal Chart for TGT:


As you can see in the above charts, the AbleTrend Guidance Chart combines 2 time frames into 1 chart and helps to filter out false signals. Within one chart it helps traders to detect the market trend with longer time frames (avoiding market noise with shorter time frames), and yet it empowers traders to manage risks with tighter stops (compared to stops with longer time frames) and to get better entry prices.

Once you have a blue price bar/ blue small dot and blue X that would be triple confirmation for a valid AbleTrend buy signal. Similarly, once you have a red price bar/ red small dot and red X that would be triple confirmation for a valid AbleTrend sell signal.

Save a bundle with AbleTrend triple confirmed sell signals.
Invest relentlessly with AbleTrend triple confirmed buy signals. 

Normal Chart Vs. Signal Chart

Here is the comparison between an ordinary chart and AbleTrend Signal Chart. With AbleTrend Signal Chart you see the trends blatantly clear with dynamic support and resistance levels.


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