AbleSys Year-End Special Promotion

(Offers end on December 31, 2019) Dear Trader Friends: AbleSys is now offering substantial discounts on the prices of annual and permanent licenses of AbleSys software. AbleSys is offering 20% discounts on the prices of permanent licenses and 15% discounts on the prices of annual licenses (not including annual maintenance). These discounts are only available […]

Trade Setups for Big Market Moves (2)

AbleTrend is robust, flexible and can be used by traders with different risk tolerance levels. Here is the big move of yesterday’s E-mini NQ market. The move The Setups Setup for entry point 1 in the above chart: 1. AbleTrend blue Xs have been established showing the uptrend has been forming. 2. 1-minute Red bars […]

Trade Setups for Big Market Moves

The following is the NQ chart with AbleTrend buy and sell signals with stop dots. Today we are going to reveal the detail setups for the entries for traders with different risk tolerance levels. Here is the outcome of the trade. Following chart is the setups for 3 different entry points for traders with different […]

Never Give Back the Market’s Money Again

Have you ever experienced having a winning trade to start with and end up losing all that profit? It’s a common and easy to make mistake. AbleTrend’s Progressive Profit Taking method (APPT) AbleTrend’s Progress Profit Taking method helps to prevent this mistake. The following charts showing how: As you can see in the above charts, […]

Direction of Current Stock Markets

The 13th high level trade talk between the US and China just starts this week. With such uncertainty today’s US markets are moving in a narrow range. Most trader would lose money in such market conditions. But you don’t have to join the majority. First we should have clear picture for the longer term trends, […]

AbleTrend Signals in Today’s Volatile Markets

This week Markets have been swinging down and up in a large scale which provide great opportunities for day traders. Following charts showing you AbleTrend signals for E-mini Nasdaq and S&P 500 day trading. Here is a 7-minute video showing you how to systematically identify sweet spot and significantly improve your trading result. The New […]

Secure Profit Fast with Sweet Spot Today

To secure profit fast and stick with big winners by risking the market’s money is a skill to thrive in today’s volatile market. Big moves provide unprecedented opportunities in the markets today. Here are two E-mini day trading chart showing you the method: Here is a 7-minu video showing you how to systematically identify sweet […]

Trade with This Safety Measure now

Current highly volatile markets provide unprecedented opportunities for traders and investors as well as high risks. Trump impeachment fight, trade war with China, Fed interest rate and much more are on top news. It moves the markets daily or hourly. The following are a few charts with exact AbleTrend trade signals along with protective stop […]

Win with These Trade Signals Now

To win in the highly volatile market condition you need winning signals and an effective stop system. “I love AbleTrend signals” “AbleTrend Stop dots guide me following the trend step by step” These are the comments from AbleTrend users. Following are a few charts showing the AbleTrend signals and stop dots, which are proprietary for […]