Acting Now on These Trade Signals

Current highly volatile markets provide unprecedented opportunities for traders and investors as well as high risks. The following are a few charts with exact AbleTrend trade signals along with protective stop dots step by step for each trade. AbleTrend Guidance Chart Rules for Buy Position: Small blue dots below the bar are TS daily support […]

What’s the Significance of this Yield Curve Business?

Yesterday, the news that drove markets lower was that longer-term 10-year rates traded below shorter-term 2-year rates. Yield curve inversion is recognized economically to be a strong recessionary indicator. For the past 50 years, a 2-10 yield curve inversion has ‘accurately predicted’ a coming recession. This comes at a bad time for the stock market, […]

Alternatives for a Potentially Choppy Week

Be careful out there trading this week. There is the strong potential that we have poor conditions for intraday trading this week. Market’s opened, up on a strong gap following G20 news.  With equities at or near record highs, price action can become bi-polar, going between fear of missing out(FOMO) & fear of being left […]

Why AbleTrend for Swing Trading (2)

Overcome Uncertainty with Time-tested AbleTrend Signals AbleTrend has been on the market since 1994, markets have been changed a lot since then. AbleTrend has endured both bull market and bear market, up trend and down trends, and something in between. Through the years we have seen so many trading systems became obsolete.   Many trading […]

The New Micro E-mini Futures Edge Now

The New Micro E-mini Futures Edge for the Current High Volatility Now ECM has introduced the new Micro E-mini Futures. This new instrument has made it possible for individual traders to take advantage of the market volatility with lower risk. At 1/10th the size of a classic E-mini contract, Micro E-minis require less cash to […]

What’s Next Following Record Highs?

Following last week’s new record high in NQ, there remained some uncertainty about whether the breakout is the real deal.  It wasn’t until Monday this week that there was a trading session that broke out and settled on highs.  That seemed to give the OK for prices to continue up, which it did, on positive […]

Signals for Today’s Stock Market

The big S&P index was 13.65% higher in the first quarter which is the best Q1 in decades while stocks ended 2018 in equally unusual fashion, finishing the calendar year with the worst quarter since 2008. How to participate in this market relentlessly for profit and exit the market decisively with confidence is every trader’s […]

Swing Trading Concepts in 3 Current Examples

AAPL – Can we score again with the sweet spot? A few weeks ago, Apple had traded up to it’s weekly resistance dots.  Following a nearly 40% decline in Q4 last year, the stock traded up on earnings in January.  This move higher was followed by an extended testing period, where the price action had […]

Were you there for this massive trade?

This morning, stocks sold off heavily, giving back the weekend gains.  Initially, futures opened higher on optimism of a trade deal with China, but that optimism faded in the morning, ostensibly due to economic data. To me, this reads as a manic market reacting irrationally to small bits of news, while the main story is […]