WinTick Expert List Performance Report of 26 Stocks

Here is the performance report of WinTick Expert List The list of “WinTick Expert” was selected from WinTick long term trading computer picks and recorded when they were picked. These 26 stocks were picked at the Sweet Spot Entries. WinTick Takes Care of “What to Trade” WinTick scans over 10000 stocks daily and picks up […]

An Observation of Recent Market Directions

Today we observed new record highs in the Dow and the Russell, SPX at the time of writing was about flat, and the NASDAQ was down sharply.  This is an interesting signal, but what does it mean? To start, we currently have NQ trading at AbleTrend support on our daily chart, which means prices may […]

There Is an Exit for Your Trade

Where to exit the trade to take profit or to cut lose is a big task for traders to act on.  “If you know where to exit you can enter the market anytime.” Is there a tool that can help you to decide good entry and exits in the timely manner and it can be […]

Less Guesswork in Stock Trading

We each tend to think that we see things as they are and that we are objective but this is not true. How many times did you think the stock have every reason to go up but it went the opposite way? Is there a trading tool that can help you to see the market more […]

AbleTrend Trade Signal Results for Day Trading ES and NQ for the Week of November 17

Here are a few charts of recent Emini day-trading charts with AbleTrend Guidance Charts applied. As you can see from the above charts AbleTrend Guidance Charts are easy to follow and the rules makes day trading simple. View more recent Guidance Charts applied for Eminis, stocks, futures, and FOREX at AbleTrend Chart Library. You may […]

No More Roller Coaster Again in Trading

What’s the best price to buy at the dip in the market? How far is too far for the stock pullbacks? When to sit tight with the winners? When to cut the losers short? These are common questions that traders and investors have in mind.  Trading Like Roller Coaster Without Proper Risk Management Trader Steve who […]

Stay Protected While Pursuing Big Profits

Always stay protected while pursuing big profits in the market is the key factor for a trader or investor to survive and thrive in the market. AbleTrend’s guidance chart can help you to do just that. Buy on blue and sell on red, AbleTrend’s no trade zones help you to stay away from the choppy […]