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Today’s NQ Day Trading Signals

As you can see in the above chart, the AbleTrend Guidance Chart combines 2 time frames into 1 chart and helps to filter out false signals. Within one chart it helps trader to detect the market trend with longer time frames (avoid market noises with shorter time frames), and yet it empowers traders to manage […]

Acting Now on Stock Trade Alerts

Stocks sank on Monday, January 28, 2019 after Caterpillar Inc. issued a profit warning and Nvidia Corp. slashed its revenue forecast for the fourth quarter. If you are holding these stocks, what will be your best action to take? Hold tight, exit or partially exit? Following are the charts with award-winning trade signals for AMD […]

Learn to Spot Trend or Choppy Market Today

Riding on profitable trends with minimal risk and preventing losses from choppy markets are the two most important tasks for a trader to thrive in trading. Below are two recent E-mini charts, one in a choppy market and the other in a trending market. AbleTrend Guidance Charts were applied to both charts. As you can […]

Compressing Volatility and What to do About it

Despite Tuesday’s Profitable Trading Session, Trading Ranges are likely to Compress Following the long weekend, NQ futures settled 150 points down, below the close on Friday. Tuesday’s sell-off presented day traders with some trading opportunity, but it wouldn’t appear to be the end of the uptrend. Prices are just 100 points above support, which should […]

Winning Signals for Today’s E-mini Markets

AbleTrend provides time-tested winning signals which can help you to turn volatility into low risk opportunities. Here are today’s NQ and ES daytrading charts with AbleTrend indicators 3min/9min guidance charts. Some day traders prefer using smaller stops for managing trading risk especially when volatility is high and AbleTrend trade signals also work very well as […]

The New Year Kicks Off with a Bang

A profitable start to the year began characteristically with a couple big trading sessions. Notably, if you just look at number of winning and losing trades, you wouldn’t find anything special, but it’s the size of the potential winners when we get the big trading range. Looking forward to the coming week, we start with […]