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Exit or Buy More

Trading decision made easy with AbleTrend buy on blue sell on red signals. It helps you to control the influence of emotion and impulse, both of which are detrimental to your trading. Exam the two charts below, can you tell which stock you need to exit and which stock to add more positions? Buying at […]

Delve into the Library of Featured Charts

As we observe the rotation out of small caps, the NASDAQ & S&P 500 are pushing into to record highs. This, we attributed to the earnings catalyst, which will continue for the next several weeks. Thus far, things have broadly been favorable, and we’ve also seen that reflected in the individual names, as well as […]

Trading Made Easy With Award Winning AbleTrend

When an investor gets emotionally involved in his or her investments, they do not think rationally when their money is involved. They can have too much information in the way of moving averages, stochastics, %R, RSIs, Bollinger Bands, etc… but no specific buy/sell/stop signals. That leads to doubt and second guessing. AbleTrend makes it easy: […]

Buy at dip with AbleTrend Confidence

After more than seven months of consolidation, ORLY had tested the AbleTrend weekly support level with large red dot on 1/24/21 but did not penetrate. On 3/7/21 AbleTrend gave a buy signal with large blue dot. SSb on 6/7/21 is the typical AbleTrend sweet spot buy signals. Buy at dip with AbleTrend confidence. View details […]

Stocks Bounce, but the Strong Stocks Extend Outperformance

Stocks sold off yesterday on renewed Covid-19 fears, but prices held at support through the trading session. That seemed to be enough, going into the close & that relief rally extended through today’s intra-day session. Beside the bounce in the hardest hit sectors, a number of featured trend charts have continued to demonstrate strength, adding […]

Gain the Freedom of Buying at Dips

When you buy stock at AbleTrend Sweet Spot for Buying (SSb) you are buying the stock at true market support levels. The benefit of SSb entry is you will know if your position is in the right direction or not. View the charts below. Buying at AbleTrend SSb you gain the power of buying stock […]

Downtrend or Uptrend

Do you buy stocks based on news & commentary? Do you feel confusion when the market moves erratically? Not anymore! With AbleTrend buy on blue and sell on red signals, not only you see the market trend clearly but also you know the sweet spot for entry and specific exit signals The following are today’s […]