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Be There at the Right Place, at the Right Time

Recently the market has experienced an extended period of low volatility, which has made it just as important to know when not trade as when to trade. During the low volatility whipsaw market condition, prices can runs stops but does not continue on meaningfully; market breaks out to take out the highs and then turns […]

Wait for the Third Drum Roll

There is a Chinese saying that is inspired by a story from the Spring & Autumn Period in Chinese History.  This was a period, during which the empire was divided between 12 warring states, so naturally, the story is about a battle. The saying goes ‘Yi Gu Zuo Qi’, or The First drum roll to rouse the […]

Generalizing the Sweet Spot Case Study, Part 2

The last posting features the the visual screening process that we demoed on August 3rd, in which we built out the watch list for sweet spot candidates.  Here’s what we saw that day when we look at closer look (4:14) Taking this a step further, we’ve now got two more weeks of price action that can help […]

Generalizing Sweet Spot Case Study, Part 1

The next few posts will be a bit of an extension from the last series of posts on the sweet spot case study, featuring the stock symbol WYNN.  This week, the stock opened higher and had approached the highs, although it is still short of breaking out of the June highs.  Here’s what we’re looking […]

WYNN Case Study Part 5: Second Chance Entry

The previous post we looked at the perspective of holding a potential long position in WYNN, as prices started up off a sweetspot trade setup & the signal rolled into the daily.  As I do in the Q&A call (2:49), I will try to talk about observations from two perspectives: holding the position & observing/on the […]

WYNN Case Study Part 3: The Art of War

Before we get to stage 3, which is where the signal actually rolls through to the daily chart, I wanted to relate what we’ve seen to The Art of War by Sun Tzu. In part 2 of this series, we described the point of reaching the daily resistance as a bull/bear battleground.  The clip featured above (2:01) […]

WYNN Case Study Part 2: Reaching the first Road Block

In the last post, we reviewed the sweet spot signal setup in WYNN.  We continue today’s post with a segment featuring a live observations a week later (1:53): Key takeaways: If the daily downtrend prevails, prices would start lower from this point; this is the roadblock That makes this the hardest period to hold through Prices […]