Buy at Dip and Avoid Whipsaws with AbleTrend Confidence

After more than 23 months of consolidation, EXPD had tested the AbleTrend monthly support level (blue Xs) with red bar on 3/20/20. On 5/8/20 AbleTrend gave a buy signal with large blue dot. SSb1 and SSb2 are the typical AbleTrend sweet spot buy signals. Buy at dip with AbleTrend confidence. View details below.

Buying at AbleTrend SSb you gain the power of buying stock at the dips with less hesitation. Because each entry at the SSb, trading risks are significantly reduced.

Imagine what it would be worth to you, if you could spot the potential exponential stocks, before they take off. Just as importantly, imagine how much distress can be avoided by cutting the loses early, following systematic exit signals.

Why you can trust AbleTrend protective stop dots?
Because AbleTrend is 100% objective, it tells the current direction the market is heading and not arbitrary believe that market should be going. AbleTrend works with all markets therefore it’s universal and non-curve-fitting. It updates instantly depend on what time frames you use.

Proprietary for AbleTrend users only
Because AbleTrend is proprietary and well protected from general public, AbleTrend users have the privilege to use it for their trading success. “Never fight with AbleTrend protective stop dots” has been the comments of many AbleTrend users.

You don’t have to stick with losing positions
Many trading advisers suggest holding position when drawdowns occur, some even advocate adding more shares to the losing position with “cheaper prices” to averaging down the purchasing prices. This may sound like a good idea but adding to the losing position is never a good strategy, because some stocks may never come back and by tied up with losing positions you lost opportunities to invest in the potential lucrative winners.

If you don’t know the true market support levels…then fear will drive you out of market when you should stay, or you will stay in the market too long with losing positions. AbleSys blue dots are clearly showing on your chart, if you can read the chart you could do better than most fund managers.

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In today’s fast changing global market environment, having a million dollars in your account does not necessarily mean security. Rather, true security comes from possessing a winning system and the skills to manage your assets -profitably and prudently – especially in volatile markets like we are currently seeing.

To have a private consultant for building a life-time skill in managing your own financial assets could be expensive, – awfully expensive. That’s why our value-added one-on-one consultation service makes owning AbleTrend software a cannot miss opportunity. Request a FREE one-on-one consultation with AbleTrend consultant at today.

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