Protect Your Portfolio with AbleTrend Signals Now

It’s not easy to determine where to exit positions to take profit or cut a loss short. Is there a safety measure that can help you to decide good entry and exits during these highly volatile markets? Yes, that’s AbleTrend. AbleTrend not only shows you where you can buy, but also where to get out. By managing the risk, you can take part in the returns and then hold onto your gains during the volatile periods.

That’s why we say, “If you know where to exit you can enter the market anytime”.
The following are some examples of current trades:

With the fear of worldwide spread of the Coronavirus, the stock market has been chaotic with huge volatility. Crucially, AbleTrend signals would have helped to prevent losses before the panic.

AbleTrend Guidance Chart Rules for Buy Position:
1. Small blue dots below the bar are TS daily support levels;
2. Blue X below the bars are weekly support levels;
3. Buy when you see large blue dot, blue X and blue bar;
4. Exit the market when you see the large red dot.

AbleTrend Guidance Chart Rules for Sell Position:
1. Small red dots above the bars are TS daily resistance levels;
2. Red X above the bars are T3 weekly resistance levels;
3. Sell when you see red X, red bar and large red dot;
4. Exit the market when you see large blue dot

Give it a trial! We’ll be there to hold your hand through the learning process.

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