Current Sweet Spots for Your Watch List

If you are interested in buying stocks after a dip with sophisticated risk control, you would like AbleTrend Sweet Spot Entry. Here are a few charts showing the current sweet spot setups. Benefits of Sweet Spot Entry An uptrend is on its way or has established; Price retraces to AbleTrend support levels; Risk is greatly […]

Market Uncertainty Can Be Your Friend

Market uncertainty can be your friend if you are properly armed. AbleTrend Guidance Charts can be a great tool for seeking profit in the stormy markets full of confusing, fear or uncertainty. Here are some of today’s day trading charts with AbleTrend Guidance Chart applied. You can find more day trading charts in our chart […]

Select the Most Lucrative Markets to Trade

Find the trendy markets and follow them relentlessly Some traders are limiting themselves with certain markets, such as “I am a day trader and I am trading E-mini S&P only” or “I am a Forex trader” and so on.   To be specialized with one market may have some advantages however, it may limit your […]

Buy at Dip or Take Profit and Run

When shall you buy at the dip and when shall you take profit and run when the market retraces? In another words, you want to know if the current market drop is a retracement or a down trend has formed that you should exit your position. AbleTrend helps you distinguish between the retracement and reversal. […]

Recent Eminis Day-Trading Opportunities

Here are a few charts of recent Emini day trading charts with AbleTrend Guidance Charts applied. As you can see from the above charts AbleTrend Guidance Charts are easy to follow and the rules makes day trading simple. View more recent Guidance Charts applied for Eminis, stocks, futures, and FOREX at AbleTrend Cart Library. Sincerely, […]

Benefits of Using Universal Trading System

Universal Trading System Works in Every Market AbleTrend is a principle-based system therefore it works in all market conditions – bull or bear; and it works for any market in the world and any time frames, it’s universal. It makes no difference whether you are trading bonds, stocks, commodities, OREX, the Eminis, the ETFs… or […]

Recent GC ($GC) and NQ ($NQ) Day Trading AbleTrend Signals

Seeking to Avoid Market Noise and Catch the Trend Early AbleTrend Guidance Charts are getting popular because they empower you to eliminate most of market noises yet empower you to catch the early market trends. Here are two recent charts for day trading the GC and NQ market. Simplicity and Consistency AbleTrend Guidance Charts consolidate […]

100+ Trade Setups and Outcomes

AbleSys has released 100+ Super Trade Setups and Outcomes for stock trades, futures trades, Emini trades and FOREX trades and for day trading, swing trading and position trading. FREE access. By following simple rules, you can now explore the 100+ super trades. Through the lens of spyglass trading software, AbleTrend you can observe how the […]

Watch How 3 Stocks Are Changing Their Trend Directions

For swing trading stocks you probably would pay more attention to the long-term directions. It’s getting popular to use AbleTrend’s guidance chart to find trend direction changes. Daily/weekly guidance chart or weekly/monthly guidance chart are the most widely used. Following is a weekly chart for Macy’s stock (M) without AbleTrend. Following is the same Macy’s […]