Current Sweet Spots for Your Watch List

If you are interested in buying stocks after a dip with sophisticated risk control, you would like AbleTrend’s Sweet Spot Entry. Here are a few charts showing the current sweep spot setups. Stay on Top of your Stock List with AbleTrend AutoScan You will never miss any opportunities and you will cut down on letting […]

Take Advantages of Smaller Time Frames In the Recent Volatile Markets

Recent volatility gave great opportunities for E-mini day traders using AbleTrend. Here are two recent charts with AbleTrend Guidance Chart. ES with 3min/9min Guidance Chart NQ with 1min/3min Guidance Chart Experienced AbleTrend users adept to use smaller time frames When market has greater volatility and faster speed, and the market day range increases to two […]

AbleTrend Converts Volatility Into Low Risk Opportunities

  Increasing Volatility Provides Ample Opportunities for day Traders. Recent market volatility pushes ATR (Average True Range) to 64 versus 15 during choppy periods. To take advantage of the volatile markets you must know how to manage the risk which comes with the volatility. AbleTrend is a time-tested award-winning trading software which can help you […]

WinTick Expert List Performance Report of 26 Stocks

Here is the performance report of WinTick Expert List The list of “WinTick Expert” was selected from WinTick long term trading computer picks and recorded when they were picked. These 26 stocks were picked at the Sweet Spot Entries. WinTick Takes Care of “What to Trade” WinTick scans over 10000 stocks daily and picks up […]