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Looking Back and Looking Forward

We are approaching the end of the year 2016 that has been a roller-coaster ride in the markets. Looking back at the charts of various markets with AbleTrend signals may help you to change your perspective. Looking Back             This is the big picture of the Dow Jones Industrial Average […]

Take advantage of the current market condition with AbleTrend

Take advantage of the current market condition with AbleTrend Dow dropped 1500 from current high in 7 days, this is the worst start percentage wise in stock market history.  Analysts are predicting that 2016 could be lousy. Their prediction might be right to most of the investors but not for investors armed with AbleTrend. The […]

Psychological Preparation for Trading (6)

Psychological Preparation for Trading (6) Secret Six: Only move stops in the desired direction of the trend Where should you place your stops for the most protection? It’s easy when you place your stops at logical levels as dictated by AbleTrend.  A common mistake traders make is to arbitrarily place stops without respect to the […]

AbleTrend can help you to manage trading risk

AbleTrend trading software provides you protective stops as a defense measure for gains or for limiting losses in trading. Here is an example with today’s ES guidance chart of AbleTrend trading software: Traders typically place a “stop-loss order” at a predetermined dollar level. So if the market moves against the trader’s position, it will automatically […]

Trading today’s E-Mini NQ with AbleTrend Guidance Chart

Guidance chart has been popular among the successful traders using AbleTrend trading software. Within one chart, It helps trader to detect the market trend with longer time frame (avoid market noises with shorter time frames), and yet it empowers trader to manage risks with tighter stops (comparing to stops with longer time frames) and to […]

Where should I place the initial protective stops

Traders tell us “my main problems in trading are…” Staying too long with losing positions Exiting too early with winners The greatest challenge for traders is knowing when to get out. If you can take control of the losing trades, profit will take care of itself.  What if you could systematically define the market’s key […]