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Looking Back and Looking Forward

We are approaching the end of the year 2016 that has been a roller-coaster ride in the markets. Looking back at the charts of various markets with AbleTrend signals may help you to change your perspective. Looking Back             This is the big picture of the Dow Jones Industrial Average […]

Don’t be afraid of “Collapse 2016”

Along with many other analysts, economist James Dale Davidson has been kept warning so-called “Collapse 2016”. Based on his forecasting, this would happen not far away in the future, but in 2016! Below is the image used in his many videos. We have reviewed AbleTrend signals for S&P 500 in the last 30 years and found […]

Identifying the Choppy Market

You may have often heard: “The trend is your best friend in trading,” or “Don’t trade choppy markets.” But what is a choppy market? What is behind the choppy market? And how do you avoid it?  What is a Choppy Market? A choppy market or a sideways market is the opposite of a trend market; […]

AbleTrend spots swing trading opportunities for investors with full-time job

Since we started AbleSys blog, we have received a lot of feedback with questions from traders and investors of different walks of life. Many of the questions share similar points, I decide to study these questions and address them in depth and post them, so that more people can benefit from the Q&As.  Here is […]

Recognizing the sweet spot

Recognizing the sweet spot is one of the first skills you’d want to learn, and it should become second nature as you work with the charts more.  We’ve identified the sweet spot as the period during a trend after prices have pulled back to test support or resistance.  Since our support and resistance levels are […]

How to sit tight with winners?

Last blog article we illustrated how to place the initial stops for day trading the Gold Futures. Today we’ll show you how to place the initial stops for swing trading the stock, as well as how to manage the stop replacements while holding the positions. How many times has fear made you exit the market […]