Introducing AbleTrend Performance Portfolio (APP) Series (2)

Pick the Best Stocks from WinTick Lists 

In the last email we have introduced how APP can help you to evaluate individual stocks with back test report and colored charts with AbleTrend Buy/Sell signals. In this email we’ll show you how you can evaluate stocks systematically with pre-selected stocks by WinTick.

Based on AbleTrend algorism, WinTick reports presorting over 10,000 stocks and generate preselected lists and the following are a few lists that WinTick generates everyday:

  • WinTick Expert
  • Hot Watch List for Next 2 Weeks with Buy/Sell Signals
  • Top Rated Stocks for Position Trading
  • Best Performance Stocks for Position Trading
  • Today’s Buy/Sell Signals for Tomorrow’ Swing Trading
  • Today’s Gainer for Swing Trading
  • 52-Week High and Low Stocks for Position Trading
  • Today’s Prebreak outs For Tomorrow’s Swing Trading
  • Stocks Will Test Key Supports/Resistance Tomorrow
  • Top Gainers In 1 Week for Swing Trading
  • Top Gainers In 6 Months for Position Trading
  • Most Traded for Tomorrow’s Trading

In the next blog, we’ll show you how to use WinTick and APP to establish your own watch list with AbleTrend AutoScan so that you’ll be able to find the best entries for your portfolio.

Here is a 7-minu video
showing you how to systematically identify sweet spot and significantly improve your trading result.

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