How AbleTrend Signals Early Warnings for The Declining Stocks

There are three possible ways that your invested stock could go, a) going straight up your way; b) going sideways with pull backs; c) going against you with pull backs. Many times, the pull backs are a normal retracement that you should not be concerned about, but other times, the invested stock has changed its trend direction and you need to exit the market. “How would I know if the pull back is too far that needs immediate exiting?” An investor asked. The problem we all facing is how to distinguish between the normal pull backs and trend reversal. Is there a clear measurement will tell you that? Yes, that’s AbleTrend. It provides you early warnings for most of declining stocks. Here are some of the examples.





Keep in mind that AbleTrend is not just a theory, but rather a decision-making trading software that provides color coded, specific buy/sell signals as well as intelligent stops.

Markets are ever-changing but AbleTrend rules remain the same. Practice one Trade Setup and Outcome a day. Taking small steps, not big ones, are the fastest, and simplest way to build success momentum. Ready? Here are some Trade Setups and Outcomes with AbleTrend indicators applied.

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