The Power of Small Wins in Trading

Research reveals that small wins have enormous power and as Charles Duhigg, the author of “The Power of Habit” describes it as “an influence disproportionate to the accomplishments of the victories themselves.” According to Olivia Fox Cabane, a keynote speaker and executive coach to the leadership of Fortune 500 companies such as Google, MGM and Deloitte, “Small wins fuel transformative changes by convincing people that bigger achievements are within their reach. And what that means for you is to start with small steps, steps so small they seem ludicrously easy. That helps you build success momentum.”

At AbleSys, our Sweet Spot trade setups help to put you in positions to lock in with small wins first, and at the same time to have the luxury to stick with the winners with protective stops to reach the potential that market can continue to offer.

In the following CL chart, AbleTrend trading software defines the market true resistance levels by small red dots above the bars dynamically. Your protective stops can be set above these small red dots, step by step to lock profit.

We also have created a playground for you to deposit your small wins with Trade Setups and Outcomes. Every day, you can find ample trade setups and outcomes with our Award-Winning trading software, AbleTrend trading signals to practice your trading skills without the influence of fear. Here is a recent trade setup and outcome charts for Crude Oil.


What would you do for this setup? Here is the outcome.


Keep in mind that AbleTrend is not just a theory, but rather a decision-making trading software that provides color coded, specific buy/sell signals as well as intelligent stops.

Markets are ever-changing but AbleTrend rules remain the same. Practice one Trade Setup and Outcome a day. Taking small steps, not big ones, are the fastest, and simplest way to build success momentum. Ready? Here are some Trade Setups and Outcomes with AbleTrend indicators applied.

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