How to influence your subconscious mind to be harmonious with the market

A trader sent me feedback in responding to yesterday’s topic. In his email he shared his experience of the difficulty following the signals although rationally he saw the signals working time and time again. It is his subconscious mind having the problem to stick tight with the winners.

Fear of losing is human nature and is a common problem that we all face. Only through training systematically can overcome it. One of the techniques that is helpful to me is, I call it, The Inverted Roles.

Here is the exercise of The Inverted Roles:

  1. Paper trading according to guidance chart rules and imaging that you are trading with real money;
  2. The key is you need to imaging vividly that you are trading with real money with paper trading;
  3. Do this exercise again and again till you are confident with the rules you are applying;
  4. Then trade with real money and imaging that you were still doing the paper trading;
  5. As your ability to follow the rules improved, increase the account size.
  6. You may use the same technique for increasing trading size, that is, imagining trading with large size when trading small size; and imagining trading small size when trading increased size. Increase your trading size gradually.

The advantage of this exercise is to separate the trading skill building from emotion, you can convince your subconscious mind more effectively with this separation. Finally through repetition you can train yourself to be harmony with the market and with your life.

For your convenience we have many established a “Trade Setups and Outcomes” section for your practice. You can find many trade setups in various markets for both day trading and swing trading. Markets are ever changing but AbleTrend rules remains the same. Practice the rules again and again just as a basketball player practices dribbling again and again, until you know how to apply these rules to real-time trading. Ready? Here are some more Trade Setups and Outcomes with AbleTrend indicators applied.

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