AbleTrend Signals Around the Chaotic Election Day

If you have AbleTrend trading software in hand and tested it in the ES and TF 3min/9min charts before during and after election, we hope you would have made this simple conclusion: It would be unwise to use any other trading software but AbleTrend regardless of price. Here are the charts:


Uncertainty Brings Opportunity in The Markets

When most people are in doubt and you have AbleTrend in hand, you have seen how the signals worked time and time again. Your subconscious mind is confident in yourself and in the system. Your trading decisions become a second nature. You simply apply the rules as you have been practiced with no doubt, no fighting, no scaring, just put on and take off the positions with pre-calculated risks.

Opportunity goes to those who are prepared

In order to win in the markets you need two things: 1) A winning system that has been tested in the bull and bear markets applicable to markets around the world; 2) You must practice to apply the rules either through paper trading or trading with real money till executing signals become a second nature of yours.

With Warm Regards,

Grace Wang

AbleSys Corp.

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