Nasdaq Makes New Record High Close

This week kicks off with a fantastic trading opportunity on the intraday price action, and AbleTrend nailed the move in the morning. Stocks open slightly higher over the weekend, and both the S&P and Nasdaq indices attempt to make new record high closes.

The S&P 500 closed just shy of new highs, but the Nasdaq 100 settled just off of intraday highs & successful made a record close.

The summer doldrums seem to be ending early this year, as students are starting to return to school, and life gets back to normal. This week’s intraday trading ranges have opened up just a touch, which has already been a huge blessing for traders.

Wider trading sessions doesn’t just mean price action to the downside either. Wider distribution of returns means bigger up moves, as well as down move. If you know how to use AbleTrend, you’ll see that both those opportunities are just as good.

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