Ideal Volatility Breeds Great Trades July 24 2020

Opportunities are offered by market volatility. When volatility is low then not much profit can be made because low volatility usually brings a choppy market. On the other hand, when the market has extremely high volatility then risks associated with trading also become too high. Amid the pandemic the market provides us great trades for day traders. Below are yesterday’s and today’s E-mini Nasdaq day trading charts with AbleTrend guidance chart signals.

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AbleTrend Guidance Chart rules are simple to follow

Blue bar
Blue small dot &
Blue X
confirms a valid buy signal

Red price bar
Red small dot &
Red X
confirms a valid sell signal

Unprecedented growing interests in day trading

You can trust AbleTrend signals
Because once AbleTrend signals are generated and the bar closed; the signals will not change in the future.

Here is a 7-minute video
showing you how to systematically identify sweet spot and significantly improve your trading result.


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