How Will Government Shutdown Affect the Stock Market?

If you asked most people, I suspect most would say that government shutdowns would be bad for the stock market so some investors short the market or at least exit their positions and allocate assets to cash. Before you do anything consult with AbleTrend signals. It not only shows you where the market support levels are, how far is too far for holding a position, but also shows you the sweet spots to add to positions. One more thing is that it shows you where to exit in case of the market reversing its trend direction. Here are three examples for the market reactions right after the current government shutdown. One is for swing trading and two for day trading.




Trustworthy of AbleTrend signals is established with winners time and time again. All it takes is an open mind. Put it into your toolbox give it a try in the real world of trading, and you will never see the market in the same way again.

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