How to Stay Away from Choppy Markets and Not Miss a Big Move

Enormous amount of money can be made in the market if you could stay away from choppy markets and not miss big moves. AbleTrend indicators have been designed to help you achieve both. Here is a recent chart showing you how.


Weekly chart in a nutshell

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The key to staying away from choppy markets is to enter buy or sell positions at AbleTrend Sweet Spots. Here are the general rules:

Recommended Sweet Spots for Buy Positions (SSb)
Conditions for SSb:
1) After a buy signal (large blue dot)
2) After market has tested support levels (small blue dots below the bars)
3) Emerging blue bar or green bar closed high
4) Buy at Sweet Spots

Recommended Sweet Spots for Sell Positions (SSs)
Conditions for SSs:
1) After a sell signal (large red dot)
2) After market has tested resistance levels (small red dots above the bars)
3) Emerging red bar or red bar closed low
4) Sell at Sweet Spots

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