Recent GC ($GC) and NQ ($NQ) Day Trading AbleTrend Signals

Seeking to Avoid Market Noise and Catch the Trend Early

AbleTrend Guidance Charts are getting popular because they empower you to eliminate most of market noises yet empower you to catch the early market trends. Here are two recent charts for day trading the GC and NQ market.



Simplicity and Consistency

AbleTrend Guidance Charts consolidate all the market information into clear trade signals that are simple and consistent so that you can easily learn and master a skill that will serve you well throughout your trading career.

Market Uncertainty Comes with It Are Huge Trading Opportunities

Market uncertainty is increasing yet the volatility that comes with it may be huge opportunities. How do we recognize real moves from short-term blips? AbleTrend Guidance Charts help you filter out false signals in choppy markets. When a real market trend begins, AbleTrend trading software will quickly identify it with multiple time-frame trend alignments empowering you to trade in harmony with the “Smart Money.”

To learn what the Sweet Spot looks like and how to find more of them, and how these trades evolved in the recent trades, visit our Trade Setups and Outcomes examples.

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