A Journey Toward Personal Financial Freedom

On the road to personal financial freedom, we find two types of people:

Type A) Wishing, waiting, and doubting

Type B) Observing, verifying, and executing

The journey to financial freedom is a journey of transmutation from Type A to Type B. This transmutation is not easily achieved without special techniques. AbleTrend trading software is a powerful tool that can assist you in accomplishing this transmutation.

Here are some of the ways AbleTrend trading software helps you take a new view toward the markets. It empowers you to:

Observe the market through the lens of AbleTrend

AbleTrend projects market directions on charts through the use of color.

AbleTrend charts are color-coded to show the hidden resistance and support levels – and specific buy and sell signals – that tell you what to do … and when.

Verify your skill at analyzing trade setups by examining sample trade setups and outcomes

For your convenience, we have established a “Trade Setups and Outcomes” section to practice on. There you will find many trade setups in various markets for both day trading and swing trading. Markets are ever-changing, but AbleTrend rules remain the same. Practice the rules again and again, just as a basketball player practices dribbling again and again, until you know how to apply these rules to real-time trading. Ready? Here are some Trade Setups and Outcomes with AbleTrend indicators applied. 

Empower your execution capability through Inverted Roles

Lack of execution capability is a major problem that many traders face. Fortunately, like any other skill, this ability can be learned. Inverted Roles, a method used by successful traders to train themselves, is available through AbleTrend.

Inverted Role techniques offer the advantage of allowing you to separate your growing trading skill from emotion, and taking the influence of your subconscious mind out of the equation. They train you to have greater faith in the AbleTrend Guidance charts so you can use them more effectively. Finally through repetition you can train yourself to be in harmony with the market and with your life.

With Warm Regards

Grace Wang

AbleSys Corp.



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