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Amazing AbleTrend Software Identifies Trend Changes Instantly!
Important information for day traders, swing and position traders

AbleTrend Trading Software Trend
  • AbleTrend identifies trend direction by color: Blue signals an UP trend, red signals a DOWN trend, and green signals a SIDEWAYS market.
  • STOPS are indicated by red dots and blue dots. Red dots are sell positions stops for down trend. Blue dots are buy position stops for up trend. AbleTrend stops are designed to help you stay in the big move with a minimum risk, yet not get stopped out.
  • AbleTrend uses the state of the art features of AbleSys trading platform to generate bar and dot colors on your choice of 1-minute, 5-minute, tick, daily or weekly bar charts.

Traders worldwide have spent countless hours and millions of dollars trying to pinpoint trend reversals, with limited success. Part of the reason is that the traditional trend-spotting tools have been inaccurate…or slow…or both. Happily, all that's changed…

Powerful AbleTrend Software gives you a "Roadmap To the Future" for ANY Market

AbleSys Corporation, developer of the revolutionary S&P day trading system - the system used by many high-profile professional traders – has made trend-spotting instant and automatic with a powerful new program called AbleTrend. AbleTrend is 100% objective and 100% automatic. It is fully compatible with most popular platform real time steaming data feeds, such as eSignal, IQFeed, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, Open E-Cry, Infinity Futures, FXCM, MT4, Ninjatrader, TradeStation and AbleSys free EOD data etc. It works equally well for stocks, ETFs, futures, Forex, bonds, mutual funds, options or any freely traded market.

AbleTrend is actually four indicators bundled together into one comprehensive program. AbleTrend UP indicates uptrend by blue bars, AbleTrend DOWN indicates down trend by red bars, and green bar signals a SIDEWAYS market.

AbleTrend2 and AbleTrend 3 are TREND-STOPS indicators. Using the market's own rice action objectively, the TREND-STOPS give you specific stop points and profit targets for every trade. The stops are even adjustable according to your personal risk tolerance, so you can achieve maximum profits with minimum risk.

High Profits and Low Risk!

Over the years, the developers of AbleTrend have tested over 600 indicators, including more than 100 they developed themselves. Of all those 600-plus indicators, the four in AbleTrend are the most powerful, practical and reliable.

Only AbleTrend has won Stocks & Commodities Magazine Readers' Choice Awards of triple* trading systems for 16 years in a row (1997 – 2012, *including stock trading systems, futures trading systems & option trading systems).

When you consider the price of AbleTrend, that's an incredible return on your investment. The annual lease price of AbleTrend is just $1,990. If you act now, you can even try it for less.

The One-Month trial version is a complete full working version for you to use for a whole month!

To order your software or to request details, please Sign Up Now, we'll send you the detail information. You may also Order It Online, and start to use it in a few minutes.

Trading Software and Trading System Offer Advantages
If you have been searching for an advantage in the world of trading signal of stock trading, investing and technical analysis, the AbleSys Trading Signal, Trading Software and Trading System is for you. With industry leading programs, such as AbleTrend 7.0 Trading Software and ASCTrend trading software Indicators, you are utilizing the most insightful, powerful and popular software suite of its kind. Perfect as swing trading software and as technical analysis software, no other company in the financial world today can help you make more informed investing decisions. With more and more people jumping into investing on their own, the market is flooded with good intentions that often don't turn out for the best. You need a stock option trading signal system that can help to demystify the trading signals. AbleTrend 7.0 trading signal software and ASCTrend trading signal Indicators offer the best software, stock trading analysis, and execution in the industry. There is a reason why professional investors all over the globe use this software suite: because they want the latest information, the fastest trading signal executions and the easiest to read analysis instantly. Invest like a professional each time you play the market with AbleTrend 7.0 Trading Software, Trading Signals and ASCTrend trading signal Indicators.

The Right Stocks Trading Software

What was once unimaginable in the world of stock trading has become commonplace. Not only is stock trading from home now done by millions of people, there are dozens upon dozens of software applications you can use to accomplish your task. There are numerous websites that offer online stock trading, but these sites are much like a pair of training wheels on an expensive new bike. If you are ready to enter the fierce world of stock trading, use the stocks trading software the pros use.

Software - Stock Trading Demystified

AbleTrend 7.0 Trading Software and ASCTrend Indicators give you, the at-home stock trader, the power and the information you need to always make an informed decision on every stock trade. ASCTrend Indicators gives you the best software stock trading information with constant streaming updates, and AbleTrend 7.0 Trading Software is the premium stocks trading software on the market. It is the only multi-time award winning software you can buy, so why not go with the best? Looking for the best software? Stock trading can be made simple with AbleTrend 7.0 Trading Software and ASCTrend Indicators.

AbleTrend Trading Software

Learn to Keep Up

The bears are running on Wall Street like never before and the specter of a genuine economic recession is fast becoming a reality. If you are considering getting into the stock trading game, you need to arm yourself with the right software and information so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. The old saying goes that you sell when prices are high and buy when they are low, and the market hasn't seen prices this low in a generation. With the right software, the right guidance, and the proper discipline, you can make a living off of the stock market.

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