WinTick Chart

We face two tasks in trading: (1) What to trade? (2) When to trade?

"When to trade" is so-called market timing, AbleTrend trading system does just for this – it tells when to buy, when to sell, when to exit, and when to take profits etc. But, WinTick is mainly for the first task "What to trade" – picking stocks or market screening. It scans over 10000 stocks daily, picks up the best performance stocks only for AbleTrend trading strategies. With this tool, you don’t have to go through charts of stocks by stocks, you may only focus on WinTick selected stocks or markets.

WinTick also has its own simple charts with AbleTrend default signals for specific market direction, key support/resistance levels, buy/sell and stop signals for any market including indices, stocks, futures, e-mini, commodities, Forex, bonds, mutual funds etc. around the world.

  • For any market - stocks, futures, commodities Forex, bonds
  • Covers markets U.S., Europe, Asia etc. around the world
  • Access from any computer, or any tablets, or smart phones by wireless mobile devices
  • Get AbleTrend signals anywhere, and any time
  • Free 15-min delayed data included
  • For swing or position traders
  • Starting $59.95/month, best price and best value
  • FREE 7-Day Trial to new users, time limited offer

Today is an internet age and information is overwhelming. Among the overwhelming information every day, which two information do you really need to make your own successful trading decisions?

  1. Market directions (the trends) with specific Buy/Sell signals.
  2. Dynamic optimized stops (the key support/resistance levels).

WinTick charts are designed just for that.

Stocks & Commodities Award for Trading Systems

Only AbleTrend has won Stocks & Commodities magazine readers' choice awards of triple* trading systems for 21 years in a row (1997 - 2017).
*including stock trading systems, futures trading systems & option trading systems

Top 10 Trading Systems

AbleTrend has been ranked #1 in the Top 10 Most Popular Trading Systems by Stocks & Commodities Magazine

Free 7-Day WinTick Trial or Order WinTick

Features of WinTick Chart

  • AbleTrend market directions with specific buy/sell signals and positions
  • AbleTrend key support/resistance levels
  • Works with most mobile devices - PCs, Android, iPhone, iPad and Win8 tablets and smart phones*
  • Now AbleTrend users can access the award-winning trading signals anywhere and any time by wireless.
  • FREE 15-minute delayed data included
  • Suitable for trading all global indices, stocks, ETFs, futures, Forex, mutual funds markets around the world
  • Support 15, 30, 60, 120-min intraday charts, also daily and weekly charts
  • Best for people having a full time job with a mobile device
  • Watch markets when you're away from office or home
  • WinTick scans 10,000 stocks daily. WinTick reports provide daily 100% computer hot stock picks based on AbleTrend performances
  • Best value and affordable price for position and swing trading

* It's all web based, and working with most mobile devices - PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone etc. tablets and smart phones.

WinTick Chart works on most smart phones, tablets and computers too. Sign up now, login, and start to use in a few minutes. No download is required.

Technical requirements: It's all web based and works through a web browser of Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, Win8, Linux or Unix etc. Adobe flash payer or cloud-based browser is required.

WinTick Version Comparisons

Features & FunctionsEquity VersionPro Version
Position tradingYes (partial lists)Yes (all lists)
Swing tradingOKOK
Day tradingNoNo
15-min delayed global dataFree, includedFree, included
Intraday charts: 15, 30, 60, 120-minYesYes
Daily & weekly chartsYesYes
Global stocks, ETFs, mutual fundsU.S. stocks, ETF, mutual fundsYes
Global futuresNoYes
Global ForexNoYes
Global major market indicesYesYes
AbleTrend Buy/Sell signalsYesYes
Key Support/ResistanceYesYes
Default signalsYesYes
Daily stock pick listsYesYes
Portfolio manager (Custom lists)YesYes
PC or Apple web browserYesYes
Mobile devicesYesYes
For traders having a full time jobYesYes
For traders away from home or officeYesYes
Access anywhere & any timeYesYes

Example of WinTick Chart

WinTick Trading Signals
Example 5-min chart of Goldman Sachs by Android phone

Today is an age of information overwhelming. Among the overwhelming information every day, which two information do you really need to make your own successful trading decisions?

  1. Market directions (the trends) with specific Buy/Sell signals.
  2. Dynamic optimized stops (the key support/resistance levels).

Our charts are designed just for that.

Emotional, discretionary and subjective trading decisions are the major obstacles in trading. With AbleTrend Trading Signal, you can have exact and objective Buy/Sell target prices that have been validated by back testing performance results. You can gain confidence in your trading strategy and in yourself. You can have expected results if you follow the system in a highly disciplined manner. With your personal portfolio manager, you only need to print out a report (or make a note) to get ready for the appropriate Buy/Sell actions.

WinTick Reports - Daily Stock Picks

Stock picking is another challenge in stock trading. At the end of day (EOD), WinTick will single out its Hot Picks from over 10,000 stocks, major futures, commodities, and currencies, etc. WinTick is using time-tested and award-winning AbleTrend Trading Signal technology that could be validated by the back testing reports. WinTick offers 100% computer program generated stock picks. Personal bias or subjective recommendations can be avoided. You don't need to work day and night in order to keep track of what is going on for each and every company/symbol. The subscription only costs a fraction of the cost of similar services available. You don't need to download, review or maintain those huge databases. Elimination of this job alone will save you a lot of time and money.

WinTick Daily Stock Picks
WinTick Daily Stock Picks

Portfolio Manager

WinTick Portfolio Manager

WinTick Mobile App


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