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Stocks and ETFs are most likely the cornerstone of your investing portfolio, but did you know that you can employ long-term and short-term strategies in tandem to achieve your investment goals?

Long term passive holdings are what most investors think of when it comes to owning stocks or ETFs.
  • These holdings can be simple, such as indexing with ETFs or index funds to track long term market returns
  • Investors can also select specific sectors, or bet on companies they believe in.
  • One of the key elements is that these assets can be held for over a year to gain favorable tax treatment as long-term capital gains.
Active trading foregoes the simplicity of the passive approach to try to time buys and sells around fluctuations in price
  • There are significant opportunities for additional returns for those who can buy when the price is low and sell when the price is high
  • Being able to tell the difference is not easy, but if done correctly, can result in far greater returns, especially on a risk adjusted basis.
  • That means equal or greater returns, for enduring equal or less volatility.
Options Strategies can be a way to achieve many specific investment goals.
  • Options can be used to hedge risk on positions, as in the case of buying puts (like insurance against on your stock holdings).
  • Investors can also buy options straight up (without the stock position) to gain leveraged stock exposure
  • Since most options expire worthless, many investors sell options to collect premium against their stock holdings.
  • There are many options strategies, but the exposure can be summarized as being more or less bullish/bearish. Buying options outright is more directional, and using spreads is less directional.

How can software help you with your stock trading?

Stock trading software is primarily going to aid investors in the active trading and options trading strategy area. Here are a few of the key tasks that software can help you with
  • Charting the stock price can help you visualize what a stock’s price is doing and where it is going. Software should make it easy to see your stocks at a glance, and quickly tell if you should make any changes
  • Stock picking or stock selection is key to stock trading since some stocks move a lot & some stocks have a very steady characteristic. There are specific stock picking strategies that you can employ that would help you filter down to the stocks that will fit your stock trading strategy
  • Signals and strategies for when to buy & sell – this is the key to active trading, since the signals and strategies are your rules to know when to buy, how long to hold it, and how to manage the risk. Good stock picking & good trading signals work hand in hand.

To learn more about how the AbleTrend 7.0 software package can help you with each aspect of stock trading, check out the product info

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