Walk Through The Market Footsteps (WTMF) with AbleTrend

This Walk Through will take you see through the market with AbleTrend for the past 10 years using sample stocks.

We'll show you:

  1. Entry setups;
  2. How to sit tight with the winners;
  3. How to cut lose short;
  4. How has AbleTrend performed during the market turmoil.

Important fact:

  1. Unlike many other trading software on the market, signals generated during real time would change in the future, thus has no practical value in trading;
  2. Contrarily, AbleTrend signals will not change in the future once it was generated with the forming bar closed. Therefore it has real value in trading.
  3. This Walk Through workspace uses weekly chart to show you the winning frame work. For better entries, we'll show you to how to get better entry price using shorter term chart in the future WTMF workspaces.
  4. Use the scroll bar (at the bottom of the chart) and "zoom in" and "zoom out" (the upright tool bar) to find the best view of the workspace.

If you need help in viewing the charts, please fill out the form below.

You need a trading compass:

Market is changing and the rate of changing is increasing. But the principle of AbleTrend has been and will be remained the same. It works like a compass and will always point to the north. The concept of a true north has some objective reality, something external. In the trading wilderness, you have something that is steady, and dependable, something that is essentially change less, then you can live with change, in fact, you thrive on changes, especially in a competitive environment.

Like many of AbleTrend users, you can hold on to this investment compass and be able to see through the market. The skill of using AbleTrend could change your life.
How? Let us show you.

Case Studies:

Download and update the latest version of AbleTrend

After new version of AbleTrend 7 is downloaded, open the program and go to File, Open Workspace to open the following workspaces (aws files).

WTMF General Rules

  • AAPL
  • CBRL.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • PCLN.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • SBUX.aws (Open software's workspace folder)

WTMF Sweet Spot

  • NOC.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • VRX.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • HUM.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • LNG.aws (Open software's workspace folder)

WTMF Indentify the Choppy Market

  • AMZN.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • GE.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • BA.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • LAD.aws (Open software's workspace folder)

WTMF Guidance Chart

  • LUV.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • CHSP.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • HD.aws (Open software's workspace folder)
  • DIS.aws (Open software's workspace folder)