Introducing AbleTrend Performance Portfolio (APP) Series (5)

Form a Portfolio with APP

Recap of series 1-4:

Series1: Use APP to evaluate individual stocks with back testing report and AbleTrend’s colored charts with buy/sell signals.

  1. Back testing reports help you to select historically high appreciate stocks. You would select stocks with prices that increased by 30%/annual for blue chip stocks and a few hundred percent increased for new stocks. Of course, you would not select decreasing priced stocks. Without back testing it’s hard to tell.
  2. AbleTrend colored charts with buy/sell signals help you to view the stocks characters. If you see the colors on the charts change from blue to red and red to blue often, you will know it’s a choppy stock and you will be cautious from selecting them.

Series2: Using AbleTrend’s algorisms, WinTick provides preselected stocks for you to select from to form your own stock watch lists such as:

  1. WinTick Expert
  2. Top rated stocks for position trading
  3. Top gainers in 6 months for position trading

Series3: Establish watch lists with AbleTrend AutoScan

  1. Import WinTick Lists
  2. AutoScan WinTick lists to select the stocks or form your own list
  3. AutoScan your ow list for the best entry points

Series4: Define the Sweet Spot Entry with AbleTrend.

  1. Sweet Spot helps you to add positions at dips for uptrend stocks
  2. You will know the true market support and resistance levels, you now have the freedom to add positions to the winners at the dip of uptrend stocks.

Today I am going to show you how to form a portfolio with APP.

  1. Create a chart with AbleTrend buy/sell signals
  2. Click the “copy” icon, clip “past” icon 7 times
  3. Click windows/vertical to rearrange the charts
  4. Click each chart to input the symbols you selected you will see the chart looks like the following (just an example for illustration purpose):From the above charts you can see some of them are at Sweet Spots and some of them are on the way of an uptrend. According to the shares that the APP report below suggested, you can decide if you want to take partial amounts of the suggested shares to start with.
  5. Click PP icon to get the following APP report
  6. As you can see the APP report will show you:
    • The avg annual percent gains for long only;
    • How many shares suggested to purchase for each stock based on the initial capital;
    • To take the precautious approach you can purchase ½ or ¼ of the suggested shares and be able to add to positions on winners at their dips.
    • APP is a tool to provide you a winning framework so that you have an overall view of your portfolio.

Here is a 7-minu video
showing you how to systematically identify sweet spot and significantly improve your trading result.

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