Signals for Today’s Stock Market

The big S&P index was 13.65% higher in the first quarter which is the best Q1 in decades while stocks ended 2018 in equally unusual fashion, finishing the calendar year with the worst quarter since 2008. How to participate in this market relentlessly for profit and exit the market decisively with confidence is every trader’s dream.

The ordinary chart vs AbleTrend Signal Chart

The chart above is an ordinary chart

With an ordinary chart, success in trading depends on the trader’s subjective interpretation of whether a pattern or signal is forming on the chart. Whenever decision-making is subjective you risk having your emotions getting in the way of making the correct move.

That’s the defect in your trading that AbleTrend 7.0 can help you solve. AbleTrend signal charts are color-coded to show resistance and support levels, specific buy and sell signals that tell you what to do and when as well as proper stop loss management. Just take a look at the chart below and compare it with the chart above. Which looks more useful to you or easier to interpret?

The chart above is AbleTrend Signal Chart

Here are more AbleTrend Signal Charts for Hot Stocks

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What is AbleTrend Signal
AbleTrend signals may be one of the most important trading discoveries ever made about markets which was first revealed in 1995. The discovery is the early recognition of the market trend coupled with the ability to set optimal stops that escort the trader toward ultimate profit.

Multiple time frame trend-alignment 
Blue price bar,
Blue small dot,
Blue X confirms a valid buy signal

Red price bar,
Red small dot,
Red X confirms a valid sell signal

You can trust AbleTrend signals, because once AbleTrend signals are generated and the bar closed, the signals will not change in the future. This is an important criterion in evaluating if the trading software is reliable.

AbleTrend signals are universal, working with any markets and with any time bars. It makes no difference whether the markets are bonds, stocks, commodities, currencies or any other freely traded markets. This tool makes all markets tradable. 

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Stock Clinic for the stocks you trade

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My experience has been totally first class. The software and the timely staff responses all have exceeded expectations. This corporation really cares but more importantly delivers big time! Using the daily, Weekly charts I follow 42 commodity futures worldwide. Including Currency futures , Energies , Metals ,Stock Indices , Grains, European Bonds and Softs.-Jim

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