Opportunities in both up and down markets

We have witnessed highly volatile weeks on Wall Street and major stock indices may be heading toward testing the August lows. On an intraday time horizon, the volatility represents tremendous trading opportunities as one of our AbleTrend users commented: “The current down market offers great conditions for trading and lots of movement, which provides incredible […]

Let go of what the market should be doing

“Let go of what the market should be doing and act on what the market is actually doing” is one of the most difficult things traders face. AbleTrend is designed to help traders see what the market is doing right now. Here is an example: Act on facts – the actual market direction – rather […]

Effective ways to adapt your trading in the volatile markets

Higher Cash allocation is a prudent strategy for longer term traders: While recent market moves both up and down in with increased volatility could be frustrating, being on the sidelines during this rollercoaster ride for swing traders and position investors, having higher cash allocation continues to be the most prudent strategy in the current volatile […]