AbleTrend spots swing trading opportunities for investors with full-time job

Since we started AbleSys blog, we have received a lot of feedback with questions from traders and investors of different walks of life. Many of the questions share similar points, I decide to study these questions and address them in depth and post them, so that more people can benefit from the Q&As.  Here is […]

Announcing – AbleTrend is now in Audio Book by Audible

Announcing – AbleTrend: Identifying and Analyzing Market Trends for Trading Success is now in Audio Book by Audible, an amazon company. You may now get this audio book FREE with a Trial Membership with Audible, see details at The essential concepts revealed in the book are important because they create the lens through which […]

Trading today’s E-Mini NQ with AbleTrend Guidance Chart

Guidance chart has been popular among the successful traders using AbleTrend trading software. Within one chart, It helps trader to detect the market trend with longer time frame (avoid market noises with shorter time frames), and yet it empowers trader to manage risks with tighter stops (comparing to stops with longer time frames) and to […]

Recognizing the sweet spot

Recognizing the sweet spot is one of the first skills you’d want to learn, and it should become second nature as you work with the charts more.  We’ve identified the sweet spot as the period during a trend after prices have pulled back to test support or resistance.  Since our support and resistance levels are […]

Observing support during market weakness

I wanted to share a cool excerpt from Ron’s webinar last week, featuring a chart that a user requested.  We’ve seen some weakness in the market following the unemployment report last week, and it is seen pretty well in this stock symbol TNH, which was down better than 10% since his call.  Here’s the clip, […]