Trend is Your Best Friend

Among all the basic concepts of technical stock trading, the “trend” is the most important part. Many traders have said: “The trend is your best friend,” and they are correct. Following trends can give you insight into when to buy and sell. Below is an example of a downtrend in Russell 2000 Futures market on […]

Rebound Trading Systems Provides Comment on AbleTrend

Yesterday, I have received an important announcement from Rebound Trading Systems. Gerry Wollert, the owner of Rebound Trading Systems, provided trading advisory services for many years and he has been using AbleTrend since 2003. In his announcement, he stated: During the past thirty-five years, I have purchased almost every piece of software that exists related […]

Trading the Sweet Spot Stocks (3)

Yesterday we have illustrated how AbleTrend deals with sideways market trading the SSS. Today we’ll elaborate on the scenario if that market goes against you right after you go long. One may ask how far is too far? Here is an example of the initial entry for a Sweet Spot buy position: Market took out […]

Trading the Sweet Spot Stocks (2)

AbleTrend helps to identify early trends based on higher probabilities, not absolute certainties. We still need to deal with the sideways market. As the market develops, AbleTrend adapts to the changing picture to determine the up-to-date probabilities – empowering its users to adapt their actions accordingly. Here is an example the SSS entry with a […]

Trading the Sweet Spot Stocks

In April 19 we have introduced Investing in stocks with Sweet Spot and got feedbacks from traders wishing to know more about it. In this Sweet Spot Stock (SSS series) we’ll elaborate with more examples with three possible situations after the Sweet Spot entry: (a). followed with uptrend; (b). followed with sideways market; and (c) […]

Be willing to take small losses

In order to win big profits you must be more than willing to take small losses. Here is an example of day trading yesterday’s Russell 2000 Futures with AbleSys buy/sell signal Guidance Chart: 1pt of TF contract is $100 If you are willing to take small losses in order to win, you will enter the […]

When the trend comes ride on it!

Trend refers to the general direction in which the market tends to move. If we know the general direction that the market is heading we can achieve a profit by simply riding on the natural course of the market’s flow. Here is an example of yesterday’s Crude Oil Futures with AbleTrend buy/sell signal Guidance Chart: […]