AbleTrend Sweet Spot Signals for Silver and Gold

Earlier we introduced AbleTrends Industry Sector Monitor to discover the big picture of where smart money is moving to. You can change the workspace time frame to be monthly, weekly or daily for all the industry sectors in the workspace with simple clicks.

Below are SLV and GLD charts with AbleTrend signals in progress.

AbleTrend is an antidote to volatility

Ups and downs in the market make many investors anxious. AbleTrends Industry Sector Monitor helps you smoothly navigate the market’s volatility by finding the emerging uptrend sectors. Say goodbye to vague predictions from market gurus. Own your own objective roadmap and compass for your trading, that’s AbleTrend.

Take an AbleTrend trial today, you will generate AbleTrend Fresh Sweet Spot signals on your own computer. You’ll soon find that you now have a safety measure for your stock picks.

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The Power of AbleTrend T2 Support Levels – the blue Xs

  1. AbleTrend T2 is AbleSys proprietary indicator. It reveals the market’s own support levels objectively.
  2. Long time AbleTrend users commented “Never fight with AbleTrend T2”
  3. When blue Xs emerge and red Xs end then the market trend change formed.
  4. Because AbleTrend T2 support levels are the true market support levels, you will know if your SSb entries are right or wrong quickly, therefore your risks for the trade can be greatly reduced.
  5. When you have AbleTrend T2 blue Xs in your chart, you are viewing the market hidden orders in your vision.
  6. You will be able to take the position less stressfully by knowing where the support levels are.
  7. Now you have an objective measure for the market trends. Whenever you hear a recommendation from some market gurus, you check it against AbleTrend and you will know how absurd some of the recommendations are. Save a bundle and frustrations when you have AbleTrend in your hands. Best of all you have peace in mind by knowing where support levels for your stock holdings.

Buy on blue sell on red. Imagine how much money can be saved and how big potential profits can be made with less guesswork when you have AbleTrend at your fingertips!

Being able to define the trend-change specifically is incredible, providing the support levels for your pyramid which is more beneficial to gain greater potential profits.

AbleTrend gives one more crucial benefit, that’s risk control. Large red dot is your exit signal.

AbleTrend reflects all the information about the market in the price action. Make rational trading decisions based on the purest, most accurate signal in the world: Price! Using AbleTrend is one of the easiest and most accurate ways to make logical trading decisions, based on the purest market data known: price movements.

When you have the easy to read AbleTrend signals at your fingertips, you don’t need to listen to news and commentaries about so called inside stories. AbleTrend reflects all the information about the market in the price action. Then, nobody can fool you.

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