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Stocks broke through to new lows this week, taking out the lows established from the bear market rally, which began at the start of Q3. It was a fitting way to end the quarter, which brought pain to both bulls & bears alike.

Beginning with such a short squeeze, it became the most hated rally, as downside protection became a liability. Even as stocks have now returned to lows, time decay has eroded much of the value of improperly timed puts.

Bulls on the other hand have a much greater problem, as the rally gains have all but evaporated, along with hope for a turn around.

As markets remain volatile and uncertain, it is more important than ever to have a clear guide to navigate the price action. AbleTrend not only signaled the beginning of the crash at the start of the year, but also nailed the most recent move up & back down.

With the Third Quarter Completed,
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