Introducing Free 4-Day Mini Course for Trading

Free 4-Day Mini-Course ($500 value)
The Blueprint for Day-Trading Success

In celebration of AbleSys’ 21 years of excellence in the trading software industry, we have just released a Free 4-day mini-course for serious day traders, The Blueprint for Day-Trading Success.

And celebration is in order! Only AbleTrend has won Stocks & Commodities magazine Readers’ Choice Awards of triple* trading systems for 21 years in a row (1997 – 2017).
*including stock trading systems, futures trading systems & option trading systems

The material covered in the new mini-course is of great value to all traders whether experienced or novice. The same general principles for day trading are applicable to swing or position trading as well and for any market too. You will learn the natural law of the markets and the hidden order underlying all market movement so that you, as a trader, can use them to improve your profit potential.

Our presentation is filled with ample day-trading sample charts so that you will easily be able to verify the efficacy of our program for yourself.

In addition, we fully explain why the principles work and then walk you through the steps to take to apply them in your own trading.

During this mini-course you will learn:

  1. How to define the onset of a real trend so you can make an early entry
  2. How to manage trading risk effectively
  3. How to identify choppiness using the AbleSys Guidance Chart
  4. How to spot low risk entries by identifying Sweet Spots

Put the power of AbleSys behind your trading. Sign up for your Free mini-course here:


Grace Wang
VP of AbleSys
20954 Corsair Blvd.
Hayward CA 54542

P.S. Please grab up this Free mini-course right away as this offer will only be available for a limited time.

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