Opportunities in This October of Election Year

Market volatility surges in October during election years according to history, this year would more likely be the same. Investors seem to believe that the U.S. election campaign is likely to drive market volatility.

Turn Volatility into Low Risk Trading Opportunities with AbleTrend Trading Software

AbleTrend users love volatile markets for trading because they know AbleTrend trading software helps to catch market trends with reduced risk. AbleTrend trading software begins with the philosophy that our most important task in the market is to avoid losses.

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There are two keys to a low risk trading strategy:

  1. AbleTrend scientific support levels help you to distinguish a retracement from a reversal

    Once you know the true market support levels with AbleTrend, you know where you stand. You know when to be cautious and when to let go and let your profit run. If you had AbleTrend trading software at your fingertips you would always know exactly where the market’s true support levels are. Then you would:

    • Be able to “sit tight” and sustain your position during the market testing support or resistance and enjoy the market when it soars;
    • Exit the market when it breaks the support levels (the small blue dots below the bars) and cut your losses short.
  2. AbleTrend helps to define a No-Trading Zone

    Most low risk strategies simply trade too much and suffer a death by a thousand cuts. AbleTrend trading software makes it clear when to trade a signal and when it’s just noise.

Best of all, AbleTrend best practices are consistent whether we are dealing with high or low volatility and whether we have a bull or bear market.   No matter what market we trade or what time frames we use AbleTrend trading software makes every trade setup the same which can make the process boring, but lucrative. 

To help you to take advantage of the volatility of the election year this October we are making this special offer for you. Test Drive AbleTrend trading software for 30 days, just $99!

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