AbleTrend Day Trading Strategies
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What are the key parts of the AbleTrend Trading Strategy?

  • First you need to know when to enter the market
  • You need to know how to manage your position
  • And you need to know how to exit

Finally, you want to have a universal trading strategy that allows you to day trade, swing trade or manage longer term holdings.

The key to the AbleTrend trading strategy is the dots, which reveal the market’s support & resistance.

  • The market's support and resistance are like steps that the price will bounce off during a trend.
  • If you know where the support & resistance are, you can time your entries to be close by. That is how the trading strategy keeps the risk low when you enter a trade

Next you need to be able to stick with your winners.

  • Many trading strategies leave you in the dark after you've entered a position
  • AbleTrend dots stay with you the whole way to show you to stay in the position, move your stop up to secure profit, and finally when to exit.

This trading strategy is based on the Award winning AbleTrend trading signals. Simple buy on blue & sell on red signals, plus trading rules and one-on-one support makes this one of the most versatile trading strategies.

Stocks & Commodities Award for Trading Systems

Only AbleTrend has won Stocks & Commodities magazine readers' choice awards of triple* trading systems for 25 years in a row (1997 - 2021).
*including stock trading systems, futures trading systems & option trading systems

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