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AbleSys Signals for Today's Top Stocks

The shocking selloffs caused by COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the best buying opportunities since 2009, but few investors are able to take this great opportunity to buy the best stocks at bargain prices due to the associated volatility. With AbleSys Signals, the best stock trading system, you will not have this problem again.

  1. You will see how small the initial stop can be
  2. Stops stepping up step by step to protect the profit
  3. How quickly you can move up your stops and risk market’s money for the uptrend run

Advantages of AbleSys Signals:

Buy at AbleTrend sweet spot you will know right or wrong quickly
Why trade AbleTrend sweet spots? Because AbleTrend is the best stock trading signals that defines true market support levels objectively with blue Xs for weekly support and with small blue dots for daily support, so that you will know if your position is in the right direction or not quickly. The trend is more likely to resume at the weekly support indicated by AbleTrend blue X. If it fails to resume then the uptrend is more likely reversed and you need to exit the position.

AbleTrend Sweet Spot entry reduces risk
When you buy stocks at its true support level indicated by AbleTrend signals, your risk can be very small because the stock price you enter at is very close to the support levels, the blue X and you will know if your position right or wrong quickly. Once you are able to define the true market support levels you gain the freedom of buying great stocks with bargain prices like now.

Price is less likely crash at the weekly support
Each AbleTrend blue X represents support level for each weekly bar. It’s like a supporting floor that prices tend to stay above the support levels and cannot be easily broken. Therefore buying stocks at their weekly support levels is a safety measure.

Add position at the Sweet Spots along the way in the uptrend
All uptrend stocks have pull backs and retracements which creates Sweet Spots. For people who don’t have AbleTrend signals it will scare them when the price drops at pull backs but for people who have AbleTrend, it’s your golden region of entries, the Sweet Spots. If the first entry is missed, the Sweet Spot provides a second chance to get on board with relative safety. For traders who already have a position in the market, the Sweet Spots indicate that this is a good time to add to the position. That way it is possible for traders to buy with confidence – and expand your total gain on the trade.

While the risk associated with swing trading isn't quite as high as it is with day trading, you are still relying on the smallest market ticks and oscillations to make your money. If a massive rise or fall is upcoming, you have to know about it before it happens or you could be taken for a ride. No software suite allows you to be completely clairvoyant, but an experienced trader with the right software by his or her side knows how to read the signs and invest accordingly. If you are ready to step up and use the swing trading software the experts use, check out AbleTrend Indicators - best swing trading software.

AbleTrend Trading Software

Develop Healthy Stock Trading Strategies With Swing Trading Indicators

It doesn't matter if you are a professional investor who is helping to make others' dreams come true or if you are simply investing for your own family's well being, having sound stock trading strategies is the only real way to continually make money on the stock market. Sound stock trading strategies include making informed decisions based on the best factual information you have at that moment and no other software suite delivers quite like AbleTrend Indicators. Don't spend your time playing hunches and hot stock tips; invest with discipline with AbleTrend Indicators.

AbleTrend 7.0 features:

  • Auto Order Execution
  • The easiest to use interface in the industry
  • Advanced charts and comprehensive tools
  • High Performance
  • 100% mechanical and automatic

Command the Market

If you ever tried swing trading, you know how difficult it can be when the market is healthy. When a bull or bear market is running wild, swing trading can be practically impossible. You need to arm yourself with the best information out there so you can make an informed choice with every trade you make. You can never completely remove the element of gambling from stock trading, but those traders who most reduce that element are the ones that consistently make money on Wall Street. The right swing trading software suite can do that for you and the right suite is AbleTrend Indicators.

14 Reasons Why Investors and Traders Trust AbleSys Signals

1. Stocks and Commodities Magazine Reader's Choice Awards for 28 years in a row

2. Google search at top ranks

3. Excellent Trust Pilot rating

4. BBB A+

5. Time-tested Buy On Blue, Sell On Red

6. Break-Through Formula Applicable to All Markets (an impossible challenge for curve-fitting methods)

7. AbleTrend Support/Resistance (S/R) Dots - Safety Measure in Trading

8. Differentiate Retracement from Reversals with AbleSys Support/Resistance (S/R) Dots

9. AbleTrend was designed to seek profits in volatile markets with managed risk

10. For the cost of one system empowers you to trade all markets

11. Free one-on-one consultation with phone

12. Interactive webinars once a week

13. AbleSys offers a 30-day trial

14. AbleTrend creator, Dr. John Wang, is a Quantum Physical Chemist and active trader