Mini-Course Winning Strategy Series

mini-course 1

In lesson 1, we start with the end goal in mind, and then break down some of the basic conditions necessary to produce big gains in a safe way.

mini-course 2

In lesson 2, we establish more specific goals for our desired trading characteristics.

mini-course 3

In lesson 3, we get down to brass tacks & show you how you can spot developing sweet spots. Following this lesson, you should know the basics for applying the signals to markets.

mini-course 4

2018 Model Performance has shown that AbleTrend can help you turn the volatile trading conditions into outstanding returns. But, if you want to realize returns like that, you have to get beneath the surface to really understand the edge.

mini-course 4

In appendix 1, we will show you how to make sim-trading can fast & fun. Best of all, it's something you could be doing right now.

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mini-course 5

We've received questions about how we got the performance models. Here's everything you'd want to know about the reports.

mini-course 6

One of the most common mistakes I see traders make is making overly rosy predictions about their potential reward.

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