Top Forex Trading Strategies That Work
The Basics of Forex & Currencies Trading

The Forex market and Currency market are the biggest trading markets in the world. Forex trading involves buying or selling currency pairs, which is essentially a bet that one country’s currency will appreciate relative to another country’s currency. Traders can trade pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY etc.

Forex trading can also be done through brokers with very low margin requirements. Low margin requirements mean that traders can gain a great deal of market exposure with just a little capital in their trading account. As such, the regular small fluctuations between currencies can become magnified into profitable trading opportunities.

In fact, with the use of leverage, forex markets can be among the most volatile markets to trade. Changes in gold/oil prices, interest rates, economic reports, and natural disasters can send shockwaves through the Forex market. Investors that can consistently find themselves ahead of that curve can profit handsomely.

It is important to stress at this point that success in Forex trading requires the right knowledge and tools. Currency markets are a big area of focus for big institutional traders like investment banks and hedge funds. If you go into these markets without a competitive edge, you may find yourself swimming with sharks.

Gaining an Edge in Forex Trading

Gaining an edge begins with formulating your Forex Trading Strategy. Your strategy should encompass every aspect of your trading, from how you determine whether to buy or sell, when to enter, and when to exit. Here are the key factors for any trading strategy

  • Consistently recognizable trade setups – In order to execute a strategy, you must be able to recognize the trading opportunity in a timely fashion. Trade setups are unlikely to be 100% but should be winning in the long run. If you cannot recognize the setup and miss n important winner, you may lose the theoretical edge
  • Risk management – this is really the most important part of a trading strategy, because if any one trade is too dear to lose, you can never really enter a trade. You need to know that you can get into a trade, limit the risk, but still be able to stay with the theoretical winners. A good trading strategy makes sure the exit rules works with the entry rules.
  • Flexibility – a good trading strategy should be applicable to different markets and time frames because opportunities vary. For example, if there is no movement in one pair, you need to be able to try trading a different pair – or even a different type of product such as futures. If intraday price action is very quiet, opportunities may exist on a longer time horizon

Picking the Best Forex Trading Strategy for You

Starting with a strong framework is going to save you a lot of time and money in finding what works for you. We recommend that you test your trading strategy before putting real money into the markets. That is why we offer a 30-day trial package that you can test drive risk-free.

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