Why AbleTrend?

Here are the five reasons:

  1. Win big by cutting losses short

    Many trading systems are ambiguous about when to buy - and give no indication of when to sell.

    With AbleTrend, you get clear, precise, easy-to-read signals on every trade: buy when you see the large blue circle, sell as soon as a large red circle appears.

    Better yet, AbleTrend provides dynamic stops with smaller circles to help you seek to minimize your losses on any trade that doesn't go our way. See AbleTrend dynamic stops (small blue circle) stepping up each step on winning trades to protect your profit.

  2. Subject to rigorous back-testing

    No trading system can guarantee that you'll make money. And past performance is no indication of future results.

    But AbleTrend has been rigorously back-tested - as far back as 10 years.

    You can use AbleTrend to trade stock, e-mini, and futures markets with any trading style: day trading, swing/position trading, portfolio/position trading, and auto order execution.

  3. The accurate trading signals

    AbleTrend is about seeking profits trading the markets, any freely traded markets anywhere in the world. AbleTrend is an easy way to make logical trading decisions, based on the market data known: price movement.

    The system's buy and sell signals are calculated by a proprietary, back-tested algorithm based solely on real-time or end-of-day price data - giving you timely, specific, and objective signals for every trade. Proprietary indicators set optimal stops for seeking maximum profits. AbleTrend shows traders the course a market will take in the future if AbleTrend's prediction is correct.

  4. Auto-scan keeps track of all your stocks and portfolios

    The AbleTrend auto-scan feature lets you keep track of all the stocks in every portfolio you own, and monitor their price movement, trends, and signals at a glance.

    With the click of a mouse, AbleTrend shows you each stock's graph, including its buy and sell signals as well as support and resistance. So you can hold your positions with confidence, and know when it's recommended to sell.

  5. 30-day trial available

    Best of all, you can trade with AbleTrend for a full 30 days. Then decide whether you want to keep using our system.