Sweet Spot Analysis

  1. Sweet Spot combines high potential reward with low potential risk.
  2. Sweet Spots are marked on the charts with Entry & Exit price, as well as Potential Risk using the Stop.
  3. Sweet Spot Analysis displays the Stop vs Target price, and visualizes the Entry Zone & the Reward/Risk.

Chart Library

Featured charts have been prepared to demonstrate the key advantages to using AbleTrend. Session overviews show the winners and the losers so you can see how Signals generate big winners while keeping losses small.

One day trade

The advantage is easy to see after the fact, but what about in the moment of the trade?
This library is provided to show you what you could have known, as the trade was setting up.

5/14, GC, +$510.00

Sweet spot chart GC

5/9, ES, +$737.50

Sweet spot chart ES

5/4, NQ, +$1805.00

Sweet spot chart NQ

5/2, ES, +$837.50

Sweet spot chart ES

4/30, CL, +$630.00

Sweet spot chart CL

4/30, ES, +$837.50

Sweet spot chart ES