Comparison of AbleTrend with Others

Features AbleTrend 7.0 Mechanical AbleTrend 7.0 STM Other Indicators/lights Other Systems
Backtesting reports to validate strategies
Optimal/specific trailing stops
Time-tested/Award winning ?
Robustness/Any markets ? ?
Universal/Any intervals, trading styles ? ?
100% mechanical to remove guesswork Near fully mechanical
Release of underlying indicators(non black-box) N/A Most no. No release of underlying indicators
Transparent settings (non curvefitting) N/A Most no. Settings could vary according to time.
Easy of use ? ?
Long-term winning track records/back testing N/A ?
Money management ?
Risk management ?

* "Seamless link" is just an icon link to link the charting software with brokerage order execution platform. It still needs manual order input and execution.